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  • Banana


    fresh banana cake (no artificial flavoring), cream cheese frosting

  • Banana split


    chocolate filled banana cake, strawberry cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry

  • Blackberry Cobbler


    fresh blackberry cake, cinnamon topping baked in, vanilla whipped cream

  • Butterfinger


    chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, crushed butterfinger candy bars

  • Cherry chip


    maraschino cherry cake, topped with cream cheese frosting

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter


    chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, half a Reese?s peanut butter cup

  • Chocolate Strawberry


    chocolate cake, strawberry cream cheese frosting, fresh strawberry piece, chocolate drizzle

  • Coconut


    coconut cake topped with cream cheese frosting and rolled in coconut

  • Dirt


    chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, oreo crumbs, gummy worms

  • German Chocolate


    chocolate cake, coconut pecan frosting, chocolate buttercream star on top

  • Hot Chocolate


    chocolate cake, hot chocolate infused whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate drizzle

  • Hummingbird


    old fashioned banana cake, coconut, and pecan cake, cream cheese frosting

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