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Mini Cupcakes!

 Sure to be a hit at any party, mix and match flavors and everyone can choose the flavor they like best!
We make sure that each batch lives up to our exact standards for taste, softness, and goodness so that whether you buy one or twelve, you will agree with us that they are Simply Sweet. AND, we bake our cupcakes fresh each day!

They look like cupcakes but taste like cheesecake, because they are! We make these cheesecake portions into cupcake sizes! Each one is just the right size to satisfy your taste for cheesecake.


Cupcake Towers!
Cupcake Towers make an elegant display for any occasion. Bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties. Your guests will appreciate the display and will enjoy the treats.

Amy's Ice creams

We also serve several flavors of Amy's Ice Creams. A delicious treat of quality ice creams. Our flavors do change but we are currently serving these flavors: Mexican Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Mint Chip, Strawberry, Cooke Dough, and Coffee

We keep our menu simple but...

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