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The Simply Sweet Philosophy

“You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.”

-Julia Child

Simply Sweet believes that homemade from scratch is the best way to provide good taste and quality in what we make. We are unique! We do not use cake mixes or need preservatives. We use real butter, eggs, and other quality ingredients to ensure the best product possible.

We believe that given the opportunity, most people would choose a homemade product over a prepackaged mix. If you haven’t had Homemade in a while, we invite you to “Rediscover Homemade” at Simply Sweet.

We are a small business that is passionate about baking. The Simply Sweet name was chosen because each of the items baked and sold are going to be Simple and Sweet.
  Sheila, the owner, says "I just want people to have a taste of what they remember at home. I want to make them smile." 
Here is a recent article posted about Simply Sweet by the Culinary district that you might enjoy reading. Culinary district post

About the owners:

Sheila Sarff is a former elementary school teacher. Several times a year, Sheila would bring recipes into the classroom. She used the process of making cookies, pancakes, fudge and other treats to teach students how math, reading, and real life all go together.
After 17 years in the classroom, Sheila wanted to be able to use her talents to open a bakery business, something she has dreamed about for a long time. Moving to Bastrop with her husband Steven provided a good opportunity to make that dream a reality.
Steven, her husband, helps in the bakery too. While Sheila is the cooking genius, Steven is the glue that helps the business hold together. He also is the minister at the Lost Pines church of Christ in Bastrop. The church's website is located here.